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Category: Birthday Party

Featured on 100 Layer Cake-let

This is a special one. Ha! One… My little girl Madeleine’s turned one on March 4th and her first birthday photos are featured on 100 Layer Cake-let. I love this blog. It’s so sweet and features the most adorable ideas for Mum’s and Dad’s and anyone who likes to celebrate the little ones in their lives. I […]

How do YOU eat your Flour Shoppe cupcake?

How do YOU eat your Flour Shoppe cupcake was the big question last Saturday at The Flour Shoppe’s birthday party and lemme tell you, people were not shy to tell us exactly how they like eating their cupcake. Photos for those who dropped by and posed at the booth will be available for pick-up at […]

Happy birthday Carys

Can you remember your fourth birthday party? All of my childhood birthday parties all sort of mush together but I think this little lady will remember hers. With a whole bunch of buddies Carys bowled her way into her fourth year loving every second of it. I kept waiting for someone to drop a bowling […]