A early morning misty beach in Ireland befor the tide comes in.


Portrait of Anne-Marie Bouchard, Ottawa wedding photographer by Laura Ivanova

My first memory of my journey down the photography path is of my Dad when I was about 10 years old.

We were on a family vacation in Europe and he encouraged me to take pictures with my Mom’s 35mm Minolta. How wonderful to take pictures I thought! To freeze a moment and remember it forever, then to wait in anticipation of the prints and put the images in an album, I never really stopped after that.

I started staging fashion shoots in my bedroom and soon after made my way to the darkroom where I was entranced by the printing process. Watching each image appear magically on the paper was a task I could while away hours on. I spent days in the dark printing black and white imagery then graduating to colour.

I’ve always loved the process of shooting film and printing film and I think the tangible image should be treasured. That’s why you’ll find film photography mingled with my digital work on my website, blog, and published in local and International blogs and magazines. I think my photography has made me a great noticer or maybe I became a photographer because I like to notice things. Regardless of which, I’m honoured to be present during people’s special moments and to capture them, noticing the big and little things and honouring it all in a visual way. And yes, in case you were wondering, I do still use that 35mm camera.

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