Gemma and Mark’s Lillibrooke Manor Wedding in White Waltham, UK

The countryside, the vicar, the forgotten rings, and the grooms speech complete with karaoke and confetti made me wish I could photograph weddings in the UK all the time. Is this what they are all like? Splendid and joyful it’s about time I showcased Gemma and Mark’s beautiful wedding day.

From the bride: When I left home for university in 2001 with nervous excitement (but mostly excitement) it was one of the easiest steps I had taken. I had long looked forward to my four years in Bournemouth where I knew I would have the time of my life…little did I know I would also be destined to meet the love of my life and husband-to-be; Mark Clisby.I first met Mark in the second year at uni and those who know his kind, fun-loving if somewhat mischevious, character were not surprised to learn that our meeting came about after an eventful early morning lecture. A ‘lively debate’ between Mark and lecturer, followed by a few congratulatory drinks from me for our class hero, brought us together and aside from the long third placement year, which I spent in Germany, we were inseparable from that moment on.

Just over 10 years on and I could hardly believe it had finally arrived; our wedding day and marriage with Mark was the easiest step to take of all. Having moved to Berkshire after graduation, we selected a quaint little church close-by to where Mark had grown up in White Waltham village, and held our wedding reception at Lillibrooke Manor nearby. The converted barn and surrounding countryside formed the perfect setting for our seaside-themed day; of course inspired by our beloved Bournemouth where we met and fell in love all those years ago. It truly was the most beautiful day, filled with laughter, tears of joy and pride, smiles and memories with our closest friends and family to never forget.

The same friends and family all forewarned me of the inveitable post wedding ‘come-down’ but I can honestly say it has been anything but and has actually proved just as exciting. In fact it turns out we had an unexpected guest on our wedding day - Baby Clisby is due in January next year! Needless to say we are already planning lots of family trips and holidays to our favourite seaside town, where we look forward to fun times of quite a different kind, but inevitably just as happy and eventful.

Wedding Dress and bridal accessories: Martin Charles Bridal Gallery; Reception venue: Lillibrooke Manor; Event decor: Amy and Jen Decor; Bridal hair and make-up: Thorne Brides; Suit hire: Moss Bros; Bridesmaid dresses: JenJen House; Flowers: The Flower Shop, Caversham