The kindest words and a virtual high five

I woke up this morning to the kindest words from another photographer, someone I’ve never met but that saw my work and felt compelled to write to me about it. This is what he said:

“Hi, my name is Micheal. I am also a photographer, although I am based in Montreal. I just wanted to send over an email and a high five. I’ve heard your name around but up until now I’ve never seen any of your work. I did just come across the Irish Coastal shoot you had featured on Once Wed. Holy s**t. Thank you for making amazing work.”  Micheal


I can’t even begin to express how much these words mean to me. For someone to take the time to like a picture on my facebook page or leave me a comment let alone send me an email about it just makes me want to work harder and make better work, reach a little deeper, and go a little farther. I haven’t written about my Irish Coastal shoot with Ciara O’Halloran yet but I will and hopefully you’ll be inspired too.

For those of you who really know me, you know I am sensitive honest, I have morals and always try to take the high road. I protect my clients and their beautiful memories and treasure them almost as much as they do. I learned that in great part from two people I can now call my friends, Jose Villa and Joy Thigpen, truly two of the best in the industry in my opinion because not only are they incredibly talented and heartfelt but they are honest and kind.

There were obstacles when planning our shoot in Ireland. Obstacles that had us changing locations at the last minute, in fact, changing it to being 100% outside, no back-up plan. I always have a back-up plan. When I consult with couples for their wedding photography we always make sure we also have a great spot chosen to shoot if it’s raining, in Ireland Ciara and I didn’t have a back-up and let’s be honest, it’s Ireland, and it’s very likely to rain. And, well, it did rain, a little, but not enough to ruin anything, in fact, it rained just enough to make it even better, make the clouds even more beautiful and full and force the ocean to give us the wind we needed. We shouldn’t have expected anything less of the Irish Coast I don’t think.

So, thank you Micheal. Thank you for taking the time to send a fellow photographer an awesome e-mail to make her day. Thank you for appreciating Once Wed and its incredible content and for not being afraid to be kind and give someone a virtual high five. You have no idea how much I love a good high five.