Vintage Friday

A friend was given this little vintage box by a colleague many years ago. At the end of a project, he who would give each member of his team a small gift that related in some way to the project they had been working on together. As with all vintage items there is a story the goes with it. This piece ended up in an antique store in Canada but started out in Durban, South Africa and its original owner was a jeweler and amateur photographer.

A little about him:

Benjamin William Caney arrived in Durban in 1856 and was the town’s first jeweler. He was also an enthusiastic amateur photographer and left a rich pictorial legacy of early Durban through the hundreds of glass-plated slides that he took. Click here to see one of his photos.

I also love the idea of incorporating vintage pieces in wedding ceremonies. Why not use an antique like this to carry your rings? If you add a piece of lace or a hankerchief from a relative  to cradle them it could add even more meaning to your special day.

Joey really wanted to help out with this shoot

He didn’t stick around for too long though