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Vintage Friday . Merry Christmas

Good morning and happy Vintage-Friday-Christmas-Eve! This year is our first Christmas in our new home. The first home my husband and I have owned together which alone has made this Christmas extra special. So this year we’re starting new traditions and as a result I’m finding myself reflecting a lot. 2010 has been a crazy [...]

Vintage Friday - A giveaway!

On this vintage Friday I’m putting a question out to you and, in exchange for your answer, you will be entered into a draw to win a 6″x8″ AMBphoto gallery wrapped canvas. So here’s the skinny: Filters, textures and actions are all different names used for a process applied to photographs to change them in [...]

Vintage Friday . Trick or Treat

When I was a kid I loved Halloween and not for the dressing up part, although that was pretty fun too, it was the candy. I loooooved the candy. When we got home from trick or treating my sister and I would dump our pillowcases of sugar filled heaven out on the the living room [...]

Vintage Friday . It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is an animated television special, based on the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. It was the third Peanuts special (and first Halloween special) to be produced and animated by Bill Meléndez. Its initial broadcast took place on October 27, 1966, on CBS. I was surprised to learn that [...]

Vintage Friday

Do you have old keys lying around the house but no idea where they came from or what they open? I love old keys. They remind me of one of my all time favorite children’s movies The Secret Garden. I found this one recently in an antique shop and it’s so tiny you could wear [...]

Vintage Friday

On our wedding day my mother-in-law handed my husband his grandfather’s pocket watch. It was a surprise to him and one of his most cherished parts of the day. We’ve since discovered that it was made between 1867-1881 by a company once called the National Watch Company. The name of the company soon changed to Elgin [...]

Vintage Friday

My great-grandfather Merritt Heaton lived to be 98 years old. He was a farmer in Illinois and lived in a white house on a hill not un-similar to the one in the movie Psycho. But this house was calm and sweet, with a water well in the front yard and 235 acres of beautiful farmland [...]

Vintage Friday

Maybe it’s because Fall is around the corner, the air is getting crisp and Hallowe’en doesn’t feel so far away anymore but I’ve been craving some vintage spookiness. So, earlier this week on the tail end of a big lightening storm I drove to Quebec and climbed into a friend’s treehouse with a flashlight and [...]

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