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Gaudi’s Barcelona

This tour was one I was looking most forward to. I’d been wanting to see Gaudi’s architecture since I studied it in University and it was even better than I’d expected. La Sagrada Familia is a humbling work of architectural genius built primarily by Antoni Gaudi who took over it’s construction in 1883. In the summer […]

Dining in Barcelona, Spain

To say I ate well in Barcelona would be an understatement. The food and wine was incredible and the night life was something else, I wish I could post more pics of that! Check out these top rated restaurants that maybe you’ll consider trying on your trip there. Restaurant Can Travi Nou is an old […]

Montserrat, Spain

A short drive up the winding, fist-clenching, switchback roads outside of Barcelona, Spain, brings you to the magical Montserrat mountain. This beautiful pink-stoned national park is home to the Benedictine Monastery, Santa Maria de Montserrat. I’m told there is a boys choir that performs here daily that could melt even the coldest heart. Unfortunately we […]

TELUS at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Arts in Barcelona, Spain

I’ve been wondering how to properly document the European trip we took this spring, I’m well into the wedding season now and I already have so many wonderful weddings to share with you all but it didn’t feel right to jump in there quite yet. Not before showing you Europe, not before sharing this crazy, wonderful […]