Jasmine & Tom . Engaged

I was there when Tom proposed to Jasmine and each time I re-tell the story I tear up and get goose bumps and consequently do a pretty bad job at re-telling the story. Thankfully I can edit this post so I’m pretty sure it’ll come out okay. This is how it happened (as I saw it).

Stacey Price from Marry Me Productions and the fabulous crew at Media Ball decided to team up to offer a new service called iPropose. The service was a surprise and the team was dropping teaser videos and photos for a few weeks leading up to the unveiling at a party see one here. I seriously can’t watch it without getting teary! She had no idea what was coming. Anyways, the party was being held at Marry Me Productions headquarters which is also the location of The White Dress, Jasmine and Stacey’s bridal couture boutique.

Jasmine was integral in helping produce the teasers and I think you all know what happened next, yep, Tom proposed see this pics here. What you don’t see at the end of the iPropose video is that Tom came on the screen. Now, to properly set the scene, Tom wasn’t at the party because he had just had surgery, in fact, he had some kind of thing sticking out of his neck from what I understand (blech!) and couldn’t make it. Jasmine, having been nurse Jasmine for a few days now was quite enjoying herself at the little shindig. As I was saying - at the end of the video while all eyes were on the tv, all of a sudden Tom appeared on the screen. He said, “Jasmine, turn around,” goose bumps anyone? I know I just got them - AGAIN. Like their love for each other, this story will never get old :) So, Jasmine turned around and there was Tom and he got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. As you know, she said yes. Yea! Yea! YEA!

For those of you who may have also been present on this wonderful evening may not know is that Tom was not always planning on proposing that night. He had only made his final decision to propose the week prior. He was worried that Jasmine would find out, apparently she’s quite good at getting secrets out of Stacey! After the proposal the two celebrated in style a little more with friends and family at a private party. Here’s to love and here’s to Jasmine and Tom. Congratulations you two.