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Month: November, 2010

High school sweethearts

I met these two at a beautiful wedding I photographed this Fall and they’re high school sweethearts! Love it. Dawn was in the most incredible blue dress and looked smashing and Toni wasn’t looking too bad himself. I was really excited to photograph them again for a mini session and when I showed up at [...]

Party of Five

The title of this post is appropriate for three reasons. The first and most obvious is that there are five people in this family. The second is that I think there’s a party everywhere these guys go because they are super funny, totally entertaining, and the kind of family you just want to hang out [...]

Mexico lovin’

This is my sixth and final Mexico post and what better note to end it than a new beginning? Amanda and Sean are two gorgeous Canadians who were also at Jose’s workshop. I was so so happy to meet three other Canadians on this trip and was thrilled that these two are just outside of [...]

Handsome comes in twos

This session is from my mini sessions last weekend and I can tell you that a half hour was not enough time to spend photographing these two handsome devils. I just love it when kids act like kids and have fun in front of the camera. R & C were pros at this, maybe because [...]

Sweet sunshine love

The sun was almost kissing the horizon by the time I was able to get Ashley and Justin in front of the camera. I’m not sure what it is about Mexican sunsets but there is a certain quality of the light that is so magical and soft and makes everyone’s skin glow. These two were [...]

Sweet sweet little Maddox

Little Maddox was just the sweetest, cutest, most energetic ball of goodness during his mini session at the Museum of Civilization. I could have just gobbled him up! I continue to be amazed by the adorable-ness of the children I photograph - every little face, whether happy, sad, surprised or full of laughter is picture-perfect. [...]

Waiting on baby

This beautiful couple awaits the arrival of baby #1, a boy! and there is less than a month until they meet him. The excitement in their home was palpable and the nursery is all ready to go. Thank you T & P for the opportunity to photograph you during this special and exciting time. Enjoy [...]

Jose Villa Mexico Workshop . Part IV

I mentioned in previous posts the incredibly talented people I met in Mexico, and I wish I’d photographed more of them, but you can see a few of them below along with more of my favorite shots. Next week, I’ll be posting two shoots of friends from the workshop who graciously posed for me under [...]

Jose Villa Mexico Workshop 2010 . Part III

On our last day Jose challenged us to walk around the small town of El Carmen and photograph 15 strangers. These are some of my very favorites. I’ve decided to add one more post so stay tuned for Part IV tomorrow.

Jose Villa Mexico Workshop 2010 . Part II

Our days were filled with learning and shooting. Our classroom was an incredible room at the Hacienda where tequila barrels lined the walls and the ceilings were over 30 feet high. It’s hard to say which part of my days I liked best: listening to our teachers impart their knowledge, experience and stories (a lot [...]

Jose Villa Mexico Workshop 2010 . Part I

I’ve only had a few life-changing experiences so far: meeting my husband, holding my nephew for the first time, a few really incredible trips and this one-of-a-kind workshop. Jose Villa has an honest, beautiful and brilliant approach to photography and business that has left me re-energized and wanting more. Over the week at a hacienda [...]

Vintage Friday - A giveaway!

On this vintage Friday I’m putting a question out to you and, in exchange for your answer, you will be entered into a draw to win a 6″x8″ AMBphoto gallery wrapped canvas. So here’s the skinny: Filters, textures and actions are all different names used for a process applied to photographs to change them in [...]

A Hunt family gangsta’ Halloween

One thing I’ve really loved about this blog, my website and the business in general is that it’s brought a lot of people back in my life that I lost touch with over the years. This Halloween’s photo session was the result of one of those lucky reunions. I met Ingrid back in the day [...]

Old world charm meets new world love

Imagine innocently attending a sports event, it’s a night like so many others but unbeknownst to you it’s the night that will change your life forever. Olivier and Heather met at a hockey game in Toronto. They were both cheering for the Sens in an arena full of Leaf fans, a connection was made, and [...]

A mini session special

This gorgeous family wasn’t available for a mini session on November 20th but luckily we were able to make time this past weekend to meet up and take some family photos. I have to say that I’m so glad we could because they were sweet as pie and cute as buttons, and, I have to [...]

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