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Month: August, 2010


If I had to choose one word to describe Carlina and Dan it’s love. L.O.V.E. love. And this descriptive word suited their wedding day to a tee. Their family and friends smiled from ear-to-ear from the ceremony into the wee hours of the night sharing some of the sweetest and heartfelt speeches I have ever [...]

Introducing Violet

She is only four days old in these photos. Four. Days. Old. Incredible. Much to her parents surprise this little package decided to arrive a few weeks early. Violet, named after her great-grandmother, has the perfect little ears, mouth, toes, and fingers, and I couldn’t help but stare at how peaceful she was during our [...]

Vintage Friday

A girlfriend’s daughter recently had a mini meltdown. She had to give up her bedroom to her older brother in order to share one with her younger sister and she is not the least bit thrilled about it. So her brilliant and crafty Mom decided they should make her room extra special by making a [...]

Charlotte and Nate at the Estate

What a perfect morning at the MacKenzie King Estate in Gatineau Park, Quebec. These cutie little beauties were full of beans for our photo session keeping their Mom, Dad and me on our toes. I adore this location for many reasons: their are ruins to explore, paths to meander on and beautiful flowers to smell. [...]

Vintage Friday

“During the 1920′s-1940′s, the heydey of luxurious travel, colourful advertising posters beckoned the viewer to exotic destinations by railway, steamship or airplane. Created to promote tourism, these posters combined a sense of the idyllic with the lure of adventure. Soon it was fashionable to travel to climb mounaints, play golf, enjoy spas, or visit an [...]

Introducing Sophie

At only two weeks old little Sophie sat for her first photo shoot. This little angel spent most of the first half of her session wide awake but was in a deep sleep for part two which allowed me to capture a rainbow of expressions. You never know what curve ball a newborn is going [...]

My adorable nephew

I snuck away this weekend for a few days of much needed r&r but I couldn’t leave my camera behind, not with this little guy waiting at the end of the road. These are a handful of my favorite shots of my adorable nephew who is growing up way to fast for my liking.

Vintage Friday

A friend was given this little vintage box by a colleague many years ago. At the end of a project, he who would give each member of his team a small gift that related in some way to the project they had been working on together. As with all vintage items there is a story [...]

Introducing greet design

This Toronto-based company is not new to the wedding world but it is new to me. Since I often recommend different vendors to brides, grooms, friends and family, I’m always super excited when I find a new business that’s passionate about what they do and whose work I identify with. I’m a card person, always [...]

Happy birthday Carys

Can you remember your fourth birthday party? All of my childhood birthday parties all sort of mush together but I think this little lady will remember hers. With a whole bunch of buddies Carys bowled her way into her fourth year loving every second of it. I kept waiting for someone to drop a bowling [...]

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