A bride in her dress gazes out the bay window of her parents Ottawa home before her wedding. Photo by AMBphoto

Timeless, romantic, candid imagery.

Anne-Marie is a unique Ottawa wedding photographer specializing in fine art digital and film photography.

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A groom holding his engaged wife to be in his arms surrounded by green grass and trees in the country outside Ottawa. Photo by AMBphoto
A kissing bare foot bride and her groom celebrating their first moments being married on their Ottawa wedding day against the backdrop of a wooden bridge and green trees. Photo by AMBphoto
A pregnant woman and her husband stand togehter beneath a tree on the banks of the Ottawa river as the sun breaks through the branches. Photo by AMBphoto
A newborn baby bundled in a blue blanket with red trim sleeps on a soft bed dreaming of the new world around him. Photo by AMBphoto

Reviews from brides, grooms, planners and families via Google and WeddingWire.

Almost three years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Anne-Marie. Though I was not seeking a photographer for an occasion, I immediately fell in love with Anne-Marie’s work – her talent and vision were remarkable and I found myself awaiting blog posts to view and experience more and more of her work.

A year later when I became engaged, I knew I would do everything possible to work with her. Working with Anne-Marie on our engagement photos, through wedding planning, and on our wedding day was the most wonderful experience. Words fail to describe how grateful my husband and I are to have had Anne-Marie as our photographer. Anne-Marie beautifully captured our engagement photos on film and our wedding photos in digital. Her soft, romantic, detailed images are breathtaking. Not only are the images beautiful, they capture the individuality, joy and happiness of the subjects. Our photos remained ‘us’, and that is truly a gift. Our family and friends rave about the photos.

Anne-Marie played a big part in making our vision a reality. Anne-Marie’s personality and warm, kind, engaging style put us at ease while being photographed - we so enjoyed all of our time spent with her. Anne-Marie was flexible, provided insightful advice and helped us shape the day. We are forever grateful to Anne-Marie for her input and advice regarding our wedding, for the joyful time spent together, and, of course, for the incredible photos.

My advice? Work with AMBphoto, do everything you can to work with AMBphoto. Without a doubt, you will enjoy the precious time spent with Anne-Marie on your wedding day and you will have photos that will allow you to relive the beauty and joy of that day for years to come.

First things first, I’ve never left or given a review for any service or product I’ve used. It’s not that I don’t find them useful...as I do truly find them useful but perhaps it’s because I’ve never really felt truly inclined to do so. I’d like to think of myself as a seasoned vet when it comes to planning and organizing any type of event, function, vacation, etc.

So when it came to planning a wedding, I knew that I had a good foundation on where to start. What I didn’t know or expect was the difference it would make to the total experience to have chosen such fantastic vendors. And of course at the very top of this list is AMBphoto. Anne-Marie was recommended to my husband and I by my mother in-law. A friend of hers from work had used AMB Photo the year before and had loved both her photos and her experience working with Anne-Marie herself. We contacted her instantly and it was very easy to set up a meeting.

My husband and I were nervous and weren’t particularly excited to be the center of attention for a full day of photos. When originally letting Anne-Marie know about our apprehension, she right away suggested that we get in front of the camera before the big day. I was hesitant at first as we weren’t originally set on getting engagement photos but she reassured us that it would be a great way to do a trial run for the day of and would help make us feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Our engagement session was an amazing experience and we were able to get to know Anne-Marie on a personal level which helped to make the process really comfortable, relaxed and effortless. The result was that the photos spoke for themselves...we loved them all! My husband and I attended 7 weddings the year we were married. While still having a great time at each, naturally we couldn’t help but compare our choice of vendors with others we had experienced that year. What was very evident was that you truly get what you pay for. If you want good service, a professional look, someone pleasant with guests, and of course stunning, natural, honest photos....you will not regret booking with AMBphoto.

It is not often that my words fail me, but today, I found myself at a loss. How do I simply "review" one of the most talented artists I have ever encountered? We were introduced to Anne-Marie during our friend's beautiful wedding, and within moments of visiting her website and blog, we were certain we had found our "someday" photographer.

I initially contacted Anne-Marie without a date or venue in mind, and I cannot deny that we chose our wedding date solely based on her availability. While Graham (my fiancé) found himself immediately in awe of Anne-Marie's unmistakable talent, he felt nervous at the prospect of an engagement session. He thought it might feel awkward or uncomfortable.

Well. You can imagine my surprise, upon the close of our session, when Graham could not stop talking about what an incredible time he had. And how at ease he felt all day!

Her comforting nature aside, Anne-Marie is both honorable and kind. Her ability to capture our genuine emotion during a regular afternoon astounded us both. She managed to capture the most "us" moments that could ever be caught in time.

And it shouldn't have surprised me! You find yourself one moment browsing her blog, the next completely lost in her work. And as you marvel at each captured moment, you can feel her sensitivity: her heart in what she does.

I will never know or understand how her photos emit such beautiful light. And although I struggle to find the words, this I know for sure: we are infinitely blessed to have found her.

If you are looking for your "forever" photographer - to capture the most special moments of your life - I urge you to consider Anne-Marie Bouchard.

Our wedding was captured perfectly, thanks to Anne-Marie. We love going through the pictures and seeing moments with friends and family that we missed (we received the pictures within a month after the wedding, amazing!). Anne Marie's warm and calm energy was complimented by several guests and family members.

I am so thankful she was part of our best day ever. Looking forward to our maternity shoot soon :)

I have been a huge fan of Anne-Marie's work for a long time and I knew I wanted her to photograph my wedding! I was living in Asia when I contacted her and she was very flexible and accommodating given my situation (snail-mailing contracts, etc.). When we finally met in person she was so sweet and professional. My engagement and wedding photos turned out beautifully.

I don't consider myself very photogenic and the shots I got back were all amazing. People have told me that the pictures are the nicest wedding photos they have ever seen. My husband and I will be asking her to take photos of us again in the future.

Taking photos with Anne-Marie to commemorate our wedding was one of the highlights of our day. She was able to navigate quickly through the family shots and made sure we didn’t leave anyone out– something I quite frankly hadn’t thought of, yet so important. Respecting our tight schedule, the three of us wandered off to a nearby park, taking photos along the way.

Although I am pretty sure thousands of couples have been at this same spot to take their wedding photos, the way she worked the angles and the light made our photos truly unique. We are far from being the type of people who like to attract attention or to take photos for that matter, but Anne-Marie’s discreetness and professionalism put us at ease immediately. Our photo session with her gave us the chance to relax and rewind. For the first time that day, we felt like it was just the two of us. We enjoyed the time spent with Anne-Marie so much, that the final results didn’t cross our mind until we received a few teaser shots of our session during our honeymoon. Our photos are spectacular and we could never have wished for more! Now that I’ve seriously raised your expectations – go ahead and call Anne-Marie – she will not disappoint!

I don't have enough space or time to tell you all of the things I have loved about our experiences have Anne-Marie as our engagement and wedding photographer. As a crazy Type A perfectionist, I scoured websites and phoned 27 photographers before having AMB recommended to me by a friend. And I knew my search was over after browsing through her website for 5 minutes.

I loved her style. What I didn't know I would also come to love was Anne-Marie's approach and personality. And I had no way of knowing at the time how fantastically she would capture our wedding day. It's hard to describe the ways in which our experience with Anne-Marie was wonderful. Maybe it's her incredible vision and her ability to find and bring out the emotion and the beauty of a moment. Maybe it's how easy and fun she is was to have as our wedding photographer. Maybe it's the breath-taking images she produced. Maybe it's how we looked at our photos and were struck by just one thought: "That looks exactly like how we felt as we had our first look/said 'I do'/enjoyed our first dance/hugged our parents, etc." She's just a wizard who captures people, scenes, pets(!), and love like no other. Hire Anne-Marie and you won't be sorry -- you'll be lucky to have her.

My clients and I adore working with Anne-Marie! She embodies such warmth and grace that couples feel immediately at ease and comfortable being in front of the camera. Produced, are the most beautiful, romantic, light-filled fine-art images you have ever imagined. I can't recommend Anne-Marie enough and look forward to creating many more wonderful weddings with her in the future!

She paid such close attention to the details (which we had spent a lot of time on) and she caught the most candid moments of guests. Her friendly and bubbly personality really adds to events as guests felt really comfortable with her, she's just so personable. Beyond her insane talent she pours her heart into every client she has. She is a true professional in every way.

Our family loves Anne-Marie! Anne-Marie has been our go-to photographer for several years. She did our engagement and wedding photos and when our son arrived we did a newborn shoot followed by family photos to mark his first birthday. When we first met Anne-Marie we knew she would be the perfect photographer for us because not only did we LOVE her photo style, but she is an incredibly warm person.

She is someone you enjoy spending time with to capture the special moments in your wedding day or with your newborn. Anne-Marie's photos are amazingly beautiful and she has a way of putting you at ease and making you feel comfortable and natural, which was very important to us. The images themselves are beautiful, Anne-Marie uses natural light to create gorgeous photos whether indoors our outdoors. We have had both film and digital photos and they are equally stunning. I cannot recommend AMBphoto enough!