Some of you may already know that my husband is a computer genius. I know he is because anybody that can explain to me the ins and outs of all things techy-computer, google, cloud, html and the list goes on and actually make me understand it, must be a genius.

Okay, maybe I’m bragging a little bit but who wouldn’t if they were married to him? Plus, if you’ve ever asked him for help you know what I mean. The reason I’m bringing up something so personal to me is because this week has been a big week for him.

Harold’s been working working working on an idea for a long time and it’s finally live! He’s been building a a business catch-all called

What is it? It’s a customizable way to share the information you want to link, uniquely formatted for any device. It fits perfectly onto any handheld device. Instantly you can create a site to share a url, email address, phone number, location, photo, video, music, podcast and network links to; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and more. He’s linked up over 50 social networks to infostripe so all your social media networking tools are in one spot for your clients, friends, family or someone new trying to find you or your business on the net.


We like to think of it as an electronic information or business card for people, places, events, things, whatever you want to share. For those who don’t have a website already it’s a super fast way to create a public face, for those who are already connected it’s an amazing tool to help people find you even easier.

As a wedding photographer I’ve found it’s not super easy to improve my search engine optimization but infostripe has helped me do just that. After only a few days my seo has improved and my position in google searches is getting closer to the front page. The other super cool thing about building your infostripe now is that you can get your business and/or personal name right away so while you may have different names for your business url, twitter, facebook accounts etc. with infostripe you will have just one and it will house all your social networks on the front page, super easy for your clients to find.

And the best part? It’s free. Happy infostripe building - can’t wait to see what you all come up with :)

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