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Month: December, 2009

Pooches at the cabin

We cannot visit Newfoundland without making at least one trip to a cabin for a night and this time we’ve been lucky enough to make two. Last night we got to spend a great night catching up with old friends and their pooches who just happen to be perfectly photogenic and willing to pose for [...]

Merry Christmas

Christmas has always been a very special holiday in our family. It’s the one time of year that we all get together at my parents house and hunker down for two full days of eating, reading, playing games and just being together. This year it’s even more special because it’s my first Christmas with my [...]

My business cards have arrived

Merry Christmas to me. With only a few days to spare before I head off to Newfoundland to celebrate Christmas with my in-laws, a package arrived. I was really hoping to get my business cards before we left and lucky for me, I did. I am super pleased with them and with for their [...]

Spicy and Savvy Holiday Party

I couldn’t help but quickly post some shots from a great party I went to tonight at Hush on Wellington St. in Ottawa. Spicy and Savvy Marketing and Design hosted a cocktail party to celebrate the season, inviting their clients, friends and families to add a little sparkle and shine to their holidays with a [...] is live!

After years of dreaming, planning and, I admit, a little procrastinating, is finally live. Here I’ll share my shoots, shots and thoughts so stay tuned for great ideas, beautiful photos and lots of wedding inspiration. For starters, I’ve posted a few of my favorite shots from my latest wedding. This film-maker duo were chuck full [...]

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