When I was little I loved to play with tools and help my Dad mow the lawn. I wasn’t a girl who dreamed of one day walking down the aisle, who tried on my mother’s high heels and who dipped into her make-up, but as an adult I’m making up for lost time.

After graduating with a BA in English Literature and Fine Arts from Bishop’s University and completing a diploma in photography at Algonquin College, I discovered a love for photographing people. This love turned into maternity and baby photoshoots, which turned into family photoshoots, which then turned into wedding photoshoots. A lightbulb went on.

Weddings are everything I love to photograph rolled up into one very special day. A day filled with love, joy, and friends and family who have travelled from near and far. You’ll remember this day for a lifetime and at AMBphoto we’ll capture your story and make sure that you also see the moments that you may have blinked and missed.