Our wedding . July 11, 2009

It’s hard for me to believe but this week me and my husband celebrated our two year anniversary.

Okay, so I know that’s not a super long time or anything but I still can’t believe our wedding day was two years ago! To celebrate we screened our wedding film in our backyard, something we’d been dying to do and finally have the backyard to do it in. We talked about how special our wedding day was and the amazing time we had. Nothing can replace those memories and I’m so thankful for the images I have to help me remember them.

Here are some photos by my friend Natasha Moine who unfortunately no longer photographs weddings but is now an incredible children’s photographer.

We also really wanted somebody to capture our wedding on film, not video, not high definition, not everything in perfect sharp focus but on gorgeous real, soft, film. This was really important to me because my favorite photographic medium is film. I asked a filmmaker friend if she would try out making a wedding film for us, she fell so in love with the idea that she even created her own business afterwards capturing weddings on 16mm and 8mm film for other lucky couples.