Mike & Mel’s Ottawa City Hall Wedding

I believe in true love from the tippy-top of my head to the itty-bitty end of my toes and Mike and Mel are all that true love is. Patient and kind, two peas in a pod, these two were meant to be together.

M&M met six years ago at a party hosted by Mike’s sister Amy. At their wedding reception Amy recounted that on that night she hoped and prayed Mike wouldn’t mess it up; yep, Melanie is just that special and as it turns out Mike is pretty darn special too.

I was lucky enough to have my work caught online by these two and from the minute I met them I knew I was going to love photographing their wedding. We had an incredible first meeting, their energy and excitement for each other was palpable and they booked me on the spot.A few months later though I received an e-mail, they were changing their venue to the South of France to celebrate in a more intimate setting amongst the lavender and sandstone. M&M love to travel and having spent some time working in the South of France this just felt more like them. Good for them, I thought, if there’s one time to stay true to you it’s on your wedding day and after a little bit of back and forth it was decided - we were all going!

Their wedding story started with a visit to the Ottawa City Hall.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Mike and Mel’s engagement session in the South of France.

Bride’s headpiece provided by Jannie Baltzer Couture Headpieces; Bride’s shoes: Winners; Florals: Tivoli; Venue: Ottawa City Hall