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Month: March, 2010

Oh how I love J.Crew

J.Crew has an incredible selection of wedding attire and to boot they are forever promoting their fantastic sales. So, in celebration of what is almost officially Spring, I thought I should alert all you brides or self-proclaimed dress-aholics that J.Crew has a great sale on right now: 20% off all dresses for three days only starting today. The wedding dresses [...]

Kenlan’s Closet

Remember in the Sex and the City movie when Carrie’s assistant divulges that her Louis Vuitton is a rental? Now we have a similar service right here in the Ottawa area. When you have a big event or you just really want to impress, you don’t have to pay the big price tag to look [...]

Which photo would you pick?

On Halloween day in 2008 we adopted a gorgeous little kitten. He was so soft and sweet, looked like a little mountain lion and I couldn’t resist his adorable face. Fast forward a year and a half and this little guy, whom we named Joey Fudge, has become a major force in our lives. He’s [...]

Cupcake Thursday

Laurel McConnell is a pretty awesome photographer in Seattle with an enviable studio and a super fun website and blog. I became an instant fan of hers when I discovered that she is also a huge cupcake fan, and that she celebrates the love of cupcakes with a shoot and a post each Thursday, hence, Cupcake Thursday. A few [...]

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